The Team

Jayan Mistry

I’m Jay, a music/ radio producer and engineer. Having engineered at festivals, performed and tutored percussion, I’ve been into great music and representing the art form. Producing and recording tracks with like-minded people to official releases and professional work.

I produce and present The Mistry Mix on roundhouse radio based at Camden’s Roundhouse, showcasing alternative & underground music.

You can listen to my show on the live stream every Wednesday from 8-9pm or listen back on the site

The Mistry Mix is a music/ radio brand pushing music through interviews, DJ sets, music/ event reviews and music releases.

Linkedin Profile:


Clarke Inverary

Being a close friend of Jay and a like-minded creative individual, Clarke pursued Graphic Design and visual interface design since his time at college.

Where they both started out on similar paths; Clarke’s conceptual art and coding skills rival Jay’s musical prowess and ability, thus making them a great team.

It wasn’t long before the project developed and Clarke was brought in to represent what they stand for;

Good artistry and creativity represented in the best way possible.


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