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The Mistry Mix w/ Junia T :: 2014

Junia T

It’s been a while since my last post..!

Since then I’ve spoken to Toronto based Hip-Hop Artist, producer and more Junia T joined me in the studio for a chat about his latest project I See You (released 4th Nov), manifesting various perspectives of hip-hop as culture through his music.

The musicality and lyricism throughout I See You permeate jazzy flows and rhymes grounded on real life influences.

You can buy the hard copies off Bandcamp and stream/ free download via Audiomack;

Part 1 :: We chat about the project and Junia’s musical influences

The whole project is mixed and mastered by Junia T, with his own unique sound; the goal to artistically reach out and inspire.

My favourite tracks include Too Smoove, Everyday, The Day and No Summer Love; the whole track list throughout smashes it for a evening soundtrack..!

Part 2 :: The Making of “Too Smoove” and Junia’s favourite MCs

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Visionbombing @The Silver Bullet

Visionbombing put on a massive night at the Silver Bullet near Finsbury Park on Thursday 31st October.

“VisionBombing is a one-hour Web series music video program of rap videos mixed lively in a mixtape style by DJ Psykhomantus, Itch FM’s Mr. Dex with special appearance from rap stars, live in studio performances and exclusive interviews hosted by Madflow.”

It is that indeed, manic hip-hop rhythms mixed and mashed up in pure turntablist style with corresponding visuals jagged together artistically by DJ Psykhomantus, the founder and Mr Dex!


Mad Flow‘s hosting was a performance within itself, the quirks and interaction with the crowd kept the pace going, the beat-boxing and playful nature allowed audience members to relate to the acts on stage.

mad flow

Mad Flow

Visionbombing took the concept of an audio-visual mixtape further with the live performances from Junia T, NuDekades and k9, adding further audience engagement to an already energetic musical night. The manifestation of Hip-Hop as a culture permeated in every aspect of a vibe, Itch being the legendary station representing Hip-Hop’s culture, state of mind and community.

Junia T came on the mic setting the scene immediately with personal themes and stories featuring on his latest release Eye See You, tracks like How Can I, Too Smoove and more from the project.

Juna T

Junia. T

 K.E.V from NuDekades graced the mic shortly afterwards with a massive set paying homage to Hip-Hop as a culture. No Hook among other tracks were performed from their album Nexus. Both K.E.V. & Junia T came into the crowd, directly rhyming on a personal level with audience members, making them part of the set.


K.E.V. from NuDekades

K9 came on and tore the place down as the final act, performing tracks from The Re-Education of King 9, jumping around energetically manifesting a musical rukus. The introduction of a reggae inspired track brought about a soundsystem vibe with crew jammin’ out.



Psykhomantus and Mr Dex started the Visionbombing audio-visual set, cutting up and mixing a artistic tracklist, the video screen showing video edits in tandem.

The Screen

After speaking to Junia T outside the venue, DJ Chux, K9 and some other peeps, I left to catch the last train, before the night bus journey would ensue.

The night smashed it and the next one’s on the 11th December at The Silver Bullet.. Come Down.. Free Entry ;)

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