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Viper & Funkatech @Cable 19th October 2012

I went down to Cable on the 19th October, Funkatech Records were in the second room with Viper Recordings in room 1. Room 2 opened with DJ Cubit playing oldskool garage, dubstep & D&B progressively getting bassier over time. The room had a sparse crowd at the time with the main space through the doors attracting large numbers with the heavy flowing D&B.

Noisses came on afterwards playing a smooth set of chilled house, deep 4×4 filling the space with catchy and uptempo rhythms. We spoke when he arrived about “Run Your Mouth” featuring The Foreign Beggars, Lady Leshurr & RTKAL among other things. His set oozed deep rhythm and soul throughout creating a catchy hard edged lounge feel that made everyone vibe out.

Specimen A came on bringing breakbeat, more beats and bass in their set playing all sorts. Miss Trouble MC did her thing in the main room, bringing heavy flows and rhythmic lyrical hype over the mad D&B, literally went down and jumped about from the side of the main stage. The VIP Balcony gave view to the whole main room crowd hype. You could see everyone jumping up and down/ flexing about to the tempo, which is what I do alot!

I went into the main room for Darrison’s set getting the crowd railing around to the tempo flinging themselves about rhythmically; the sub swamping about. Deffo win!

Nicky D’Silva one half of Pyramid came on hyping up the place with breakbeat, his refix of Mr Happy by Hazard & Distorted Minds tearing up the place alongside other tunes and bass edits. The bass on the night was loud, the main room with constant D&B was alot louder, heard every time the doors opened but the second room had a more chilled out and diverse vibe which I preferred. G Double MC’d throughout the Pyramid set adding a vocal dimension to the live set.

Scoundrel came on playing dubstep, beats and breaks as the last set on the night, finishing around 4pm with a punch. The main room carried on till the end, but I left early around 4:30 so I could still get up the next morning, which I did with a sore throat and a dizzy spell.

Manic lineup, diverse night, the legacy of Funkatech & Viper Recs continues. Except it’s Funkatech who have proven to be main room worthy hitting all the right notes.

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Matrix & Futurebound Ft Baby Blue- Magnetic Eyes + Pyramid Remix

Matrix & Futurebound have unleashed one of their latest tunes on Viper Recordings Magnetic Eyes featuring Baby Blue on the vocals delivering smooth catchy lyrics over punchy D&B pattern with a pop-style chord progression/ substantial bassline.

I remembered Baby Blue from her collaboration with UK Rapper Sway on “Little Derek” coming a long way since which is evident in her delivery over the production by the D&B duo though I’m not sure about the rap verse. It’s ‘pop’ like but it’s well structured, arranged with the instrumentation and is a song in D&B form; works of a hit!

Nicky D’Silva & Scott Maclean aka Pyramid from Funkatech Records have unleashed a beast of a remix on their end, taking the pop influence to another dimension with breakbeat, hard edged sound design and the bass to match! It’s a great remix, the contrasting bass melodies with the original chords and vocal parts makes the track spacious. Big Love!

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