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Akala @ The Tate Modern – 26th October 2013

I went down with my friend Thomas to see Akala perform as part of Tate’s Hyperlink festival supported by a live band. The first single Lose Myself ft Josh Osho from his forthcoming album The Thieves Banquet was infectious in his set.

The lyrics in the track are introspective, looking deep within existing in a society where profound connections are rare. The deep melodies and soul grooves breathed life into the place..

The self destructive nature of ignorance and the ego among other topics were lyrically considered, intellectual awareness permeating through, revitalizing the foundations of hip-hop.

In the background, Tokio Aoyama’s album artwork and complimenting visuals, setting the scene to the soundtrack. The Q&A rendered Akala pleasantly surprised and speechless with every question thoughtfully asked.

Everyone took away something profound with them, a piece of Akala’s message; a true poet. Thomas’ reaction was instant; “I need to know more about music.”

The Album launch night at XOYO will be on the 3rd June, not to be missed! Tickets can be bought here (Website link)

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