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The Mistry Mix w/ Junia T :: 2014

Junia T

It’s been a while since my last post..!

Since then I’ve spoken to Toronto based Hip-Hop Artist, producer and more Junia T joined me in the studio for a chat about his latest project I See You (released 4th Nov), manifesting various perspectives of hip-hop as culture through his music.

The musicality and lyricism throughout I See You permeate jazzy flows and rhymes grounded on real life influences.

You can buy the hard copies off Bandcamp and stream/ free download via Audiomack;

Part 1 :: We chat about the project and Junia’s musical influences

The whole project is mixed and mastered by Junia T, with his own unique sound; the goal to artistically reach out and inspire.

My favourite tracks include Too Smoove, Everyday, The Day and No Summer Love; the whole track list throughout smashes it for a evening soundtrack..!

Part 2 :: The Making of “Too Smoove” and Junia’s favourite MCs

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Words By Rakim

A great short video documentary about one of the most iconic Hip-Hop MC’s, Rakim, taking us through a journey of his mind and perspective..

“Words is a re-introduction, and aural celebration of hip-hop’s most influential MC. Inspired by the vinyls that birthed the art form, the film is a portrait of two sides of an artist (A & B) and the streets and city he inspired. Two of his verses have been remixed … the words will never change.”

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Akala @ The Tate Modern – 26th October 2013

I went down with my friend Thomas to see Akala perform as part of Tate’s Hyperlink festival supported by a live band. The first single Lose Myself ft Josh Osho from his forthcoming album The Thieves Banquet was infectious in his set.

The lyrics in the track are introspective, looking deep within existing in a society where profound connections are rare. The deep melodies and soul grooves breathed life into the place..

The self destructive nature of ignorance and the ego among other topics were lyrically considered, intellectual awareness permeating through, revitalizing the foundations of hip-hop.

In the background, Tokio Aoyama’s album artwork and complimenting visuals, setting the scene to the soundtrack. The Q&A rendered Akala pleasantly surprised and speechless with every question thoughtfully asked.

Everyone took away something profound with them, a piece of Akala’s message; a true poet. Thomas’ reaction was instant; “I need to know more about music.”

The Album launch night at XOYO will be on the 3rd June, not to be missed! Tickets can be bought here (Website link)

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Jai Nitai Lotus- Something You Feel- OUT NOW

Jai Nitai Lotus (pronounced Thai Nee-tie), a montreal based MC/ Producer has just released his latest record titled Something You Feel on the 6th November featuring Mingus Clap, a hypnotic rhythmic track which pays homage to the late Charles Mingus, a Jazz musician. The track features a prominent vocal chant with an infectious clap groove!

In his own words, the record is an ode to honest, experimental Hip Hop” capturing the truth one finds within any creative journey, the fear of vulnerability of exposing your weakness’ through your art and channeling into the unknown.

The story of a creative journey through different experiences, emotions and the changes of situations, ultimately love, loss & pain over time can be heard, real honesty and art. Something You Feel is Out Now! Epic.

In his own words:

“My People. My album Something You Feel is dropping today! I just wanted to say that some of you that know me know that I am all about honest creativity. When I make art I try my best to not stress what everybody else is doing and focus on my own personal voice. I was raised in a way to be analytical about life. I was taught to understand where this source of creativity comes from and to not abuse it—I try my best, but sometimes fail. It’s always a very vulnerable feeling when putting your art out there, exposing yourself. When it comes from the heart, it’s that much more so. Just know that it comes from a good place. I hope you all will enjoy it and spread the word. It only moves as far as we can take it. To everybody who was involved in this project creatively and through moral support… Thank YOU! At peace with vulnerability” ~ Jai Nitai Lotus

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The Mistry Mix: Vibe Mix July 2012

I threw this mix together for my show The Mistry Mix at Camden’s Roundhouse Radio. It’s got Hip-Hop, Alternative Electro, Dubstep, D&B + more thrown together for a alternative mix…click on the image for the stream

Track List:

01 J.Viewz- This City Means No Love
02 Funky DL ft Dukus Alemay- Danger
03 Jessie Ware- Running
04 Portishead- Numb
05 Jmist & Aseem- Lost In Transmission
06 Engine EarZ Experiment- Battlescars
07 Plan B- She Said (16 Bit Remix)
08 Alix Perez ft The Foreign Beggars- The Cut Deepens
09 SpectraSoul ft Terri Walker- Light In The Dark
10 Nu:Tone- Crosstalk
11 Die & Clipz ft Jenna G- Work It Out
12 DJ Marky & Makoto- Good Old Days
13 Bachelors Of Science- The Ice Dance (Lenzman Remix)
14 Dillinja- Silver Blade


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