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Roundhouse Rising Festival :: 20th – 23rd February 2014

It’s been a great festival weekend starting from Thursday at The Roundhouse in Camden. The Rising Festival which happens every year promotes upcoming music producers/ bands, DJ’s and singer/ songwriters alongside alternate talent such as programming and coding synths/ software for audio visual experiences.

Rising 360 was 2 teams of people providing radio coverage of the weekend activities during the festival itself. Our team worked on the Saturday show and the Recap show on the Monday afterwards.

Thursday evening started with DJ Oddi playing a Hip-Hop set right through to Lil Simz, a female UK rapper playing the last set from 10:30. We spoke to Lil Simz before her set for a Thursday interview. Spent the day planning Sat’s show with the content and editing our recordings..

On Friday, we engaged the audiences reaction to the festival at stage 2 when beat boxer Grace Savage was performing and around the venue once everyone were settled in.

Stage One was the Studio Theatre, full of people close to the front trying to get a good view of the acts. The stage was mounted at a decent height so any position in the room would’ve resulted in a good view.

tumblr_inline_mxa1ahXlDS1rm29kxSaturday was hectic when we came down.. we interviewed Fauxlo, a roundhouse associate artist; caught up with the Appjam workshops alongside the festival crowd that came down for a good time. Vulcan MC, part of the Roundhouse Choir had a great chat with our team as well.


Ableton Session :: (C) Katiness Photography

One of the masterclasses was run by music producer/ programmer Tim Exile, who uses computer programming to engage the crowd during his performances, recording the audience alongside live instrumentation, sound design for an interactive experience. With releases on Planet Mu, Warp Recs, it was great to get him down during the show for a live interview before his performance.

tim exile1

Tim Exile :: (C) Katiness Photography

Saachi Senn, another RH associate artist did an exclusive acoustic session in the radio studio with two tracks she performed around noon on stage 2, whilst I caught up with Tony Nwachukwu from multi-music platform CDR (Create, Define, Release) and a few young creatives attending the CDR workshops.

The CDR event in the evening featured young upcoming producers, DJ’s and songwriters performing material alongside Shlomo, a beat boxing artist; which 2 other team members attended.

I spent the day editing the CDR interviews alongside the content we were already capturing during the festival itself and live coverage.


CDR Event :: (C) Katiness Photography

By 7:30 we got most of the packages ready, just the intro link needed to be edited before live broadcast. Hectic printouts of the script ensued, then we did the show;

After the show, I ended up staying in the studio late, managing to catch Wildebeats playing at the club night which now took over the Studio Theatre. There was minimal bass with only the tops working with corresponding woofers!

Apparently Tim Exile blew the fuse for the bass bins I found out afterwards; as a result, the place wasn’t as full and people were dancing on the spot just lightly jigging about.

Arrived home late and Sunday was made up of planning the whole recap show for Monday alongside capturing content..

I managed to catch the last 2 bands GAPS and Fear Of Men on Sunday…officially the last day of Rising Festival.. great finish to a weekend!

Fear Of Men in the Studio Theatre

Fear Of Men :: (C) Katiness Photography

After the weekend, we finalised the packages for the show and additional content was edited. The team thought of producing a Tim exile style mashup from the samples and recordings they captured over the weekend.. did it in 4 mins, manic but here it is;

I finished the track 5 mins before we were about to broadcast.. did a quick mixdown and bounced to wav instantly..!

The show went great, highlighting the festival weekend overall with exclusive content from each day alongside extended interviews/ packages from the Friday & Sunday shows.

The Friday/ Sunday shows can be heard;

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TheMistryMix – DementedSoul’s DubClinique Interview

Upcoming producer DementedSoul featured on The Mistry Mix speaking about his debut EP on DubClinique, making music, what he’s about and vibes in general within the Drum & Bass scene

His style encompasses influences from percussive to deep & soulful styles of music, merging the boundaries between melody and rhythm; serious music!!

The DementedSoul EP features 4 massive tracks, available from Beatport, Boomkat and all digital stores!

blog post artworkListen back to our interview through the soundcloud link below;

Dub Clinique is the brain child of Origin UK’s Jamma and Reinforced Records veteran Threshold.

Established as a platform to release a diverse range of tracks from artists who create high quality music with identity, originality, depth and soul.

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The Mistry Mix – Arrows Down Acoustic Session

Arrows Down did an exclusive acoustic session for The Mistry Mix at The Roundhouseshowcasing tracks from his forthcoming album Tethered  & celebrating the release of his single You Don’t Know.

You Don’t Know is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from oozing classic songwriting and poetry ;)

Arrows Down

Arrows Down at The Old Queen’s Head

Track 1 – Arrows Down – You Don’t Know

Track 2 – Arrows Down – Smooth Tongue Of The Adultress

Track 3 – Arrows Down – Wood

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The Mistry Mix :: Tha Nightcrawlaz Exclusive :: FREE D/L

DJ/ production duo Tha Nightcrawlaz (Liam Hicks, Clint Franklin) bring their influence to a full hour exclusive this week, starting with 110bpm and surely getting faster!

“Will be a little deeper dub/dnb with a splash of 110 (not so much a party set but still some fine tunes!!!” Tha Nightcrawlaz

The guestmix is a FREE DOWNLOAD from the soundcloud link below:

1. Six Days – DJ Shadow
2. Moscow funk – Playma
3. Meanwhile in the Future – KOAN Sound
4. Ring My Bell – Kill Paris rmx
5. Lost race – Mc Mash Clan
6. Beyond the Shadows – Koan, Culprit, gemini, Asa
7. Gimme Shelter – Zeds dead
8. Two – Culprit
9. Hit me – Zeds Dead
10. Hall of Mirrors – Culprit
11. Everything in its Place – Pretty Lights
12. Dont hold back – Russ liquid remix
13. Could be real – Noisia
14. Abyss – The Prototypes
15. Under yah skirt – Zeds Dead

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The MIstry Mix with Nada Brahma: Nuphlo Exclusive

Apologies, it’s been a while indeed! A month to be fair. Leeds based music producer Nuphlo did an exclusive mix for Nada Brahma, a UK online based music magazine showcasing alternative Asian inspired music. Nuphlo’s got a eastern influence to his sound bringing a refreshing twist to his production.

It was broadcasted on my show late February and is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from their website.

Alongside the mix, music includes Goldie, Swedish Karin Park, Arrows Down, Digable Planets for an alternative track list including Hip-Hop, Garage, D&B…

Link to radio episode!

Track List:

Nuphlo Nada Brahma Mix 008- Food For Thought (21 mins)

Lone ft Anneka- Spirals
Kahn- Tehran
Nuphlo- Jerusalem
Morphamish- Lookatcha
Swindle- Mischief
EL- B Spooky
Zed Bias- Phoneline (Maddslinky Remix)
Mickey Pierce- Numb Nut
0h91- Untitled
Nuphlo- Edgy Streets

Second Half

Karin Park- Thousand Loaded Guns (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)
Fat Freddy’s Drop- Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix)
Digable Planets- Rebirth Of Slick (7” Mix)
Large Professor- Maica Livin’ (Philey Jay Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
Dub Phizix & Skittles- I’m A Creator
Goldie ft Natalie Duncan- Freedom
Fracture- The Breaks
Arrows Down- Stirring

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The Mistry Mix with AJAM

I had the privilege of interviewing Iranian roots band AJAM at cargo on the 8th December 2012. There wasn’t an opportunity to feature this before christmas, with early January really busy..So here it is ;)

They talk about their latest album Raghse Mardooneh, the formation behind the group and their individual backgrounds, their performance at Cargo featuring special guests multi-instrumentalist Kaveh Sarvarian and guest singer Erfan Shaho.

They also explain their own post-modern take on the Iranian heritage bringing out a modern perspective that’s relevant/ timeless to Iranians of  all ages and backgrounds. From the elders to young people alike.

The track featured on the show Bandare Landan is based on the theme of living in London and the influence that it has being Iranian in multicultural environment. The track has a percussive 4/4 rhythm throughout with  call and response and conversation based lyrics engaging the listener so it feels the group are directly reaching out to you, it’s great!

Listen to the 2 part interview on the show and the track itself showcasing Ajam, respect! Click on the image for the show:

Ajam the mistry mix interview image

The Mistry Mix with AJAM

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The Mistry Mix with RENU

Asian percussionist RENU features this week on The Mistry Mix, talks to me about her latest album Midnight Radio, the audio-visual launch night at London’s Richmix with her band The Revellers, her spanish influences and more.

The album has a strong spanish and latin influence throughout, each track adding to a much bigger concept. The lyrics are witty, sarcastic and dark highlighting the facade of human nature in Pretty People to a more positive reminiscence with Mustang. Through The Fire encompasses a dark & melancholy ambience, a tremolo guitar in a empty space enhanced subtly with strings. Layered over distant cymbals/ percussion and eerie vocals of a suffering and determined seeker.

Mi Morena Amor has a 6/8 rhythm oozing hispanic influences (Latin, Spanish, Portuguese) featuring the voice of God, a narrative omnipresent perspective within the track, uptempo vocals with a jaunty feel over a scattered rhythm encompassing several percussive instruments. The use of strings throughout the album, which Renu states she loves recording forms a prominent part of the sound, giving an attitude to the various musical passages, the overall sonic concept.

The Mistry Mix with RENU :: Click on image for radio show

This weeks tracklist includes hip-hop MC KRS-One, J.Viewz on the remix of Depeche Mode, Suburban Base’s Marvellous Cain ft Cutty Ranks, MJ Cole- Sincere Wookie remix, Specimen A & James D’Ley, Renu + more!

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The Mistry Mix with Nada Brahma:: RHL Exclusive

Rahul Giri/ RHL from triphop band Sulk Station with Tanvi Rao did a exclusive mix for Nada Brahma, a UK online music magazine run by Sanjay Kundalia with a serious alternative tracklist of energy. The mix featured on my show oozing with rhythmic energy, deep soul and organic vibes, a serious mix!

Big Love to Sanjay and Rahul/ RHL for the feature mix which can be downloaded from the Nada Brahma website.

website:   @nadabrahmauk   Nada Brahma FB

Sulk Station:  @sulkstation  Sulk Station FB

Click on image for Mistry Mix link

Track List:

Monokle- Swan (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
Koreless- Lost in Tokyo
Nosaj Thing- 1685/Bach
Analogue Monsta- 2nd Boom
Mount Kimbie- Carbonate
Fantastic Mr Fox- Over
Kidkanevil- Megajoy/J-pop
Rekha Bhardwaj- Badi Dheere (Bandish Project Remix)
Flying Lotus- Phantasm ft Laura Darlington
Simian Mobile Disco- Your Love Ain’t Fair
Disclosure- What’s in you head
Machinedrum- Sacred Frequency
Lorn- Diamond
The XX- Angels (Four Tet Remix)
Sulk Station- Piya II
Holy Other- Love some1


The Nada Brahma 006/ RHL mix can be downloaded from the website. Big Respect to Rahul & Sanjay!

Click on the image for Nada Brahma RHL exclusive link. FREE DOWNLOAD

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The Mistry Mix with PYRAMID (Funkatech Records) + FREE D/L

Breakbeat duo Pyramid aka Nicky D’Silva & Scott Maclean feature this week on the show for an exclusive interview, talk about their single Lost In You ft Lena Cullen, meeting Belle Humble, their two remixes of TMS ft Dot Rotten- Overload, cooking in a kettle and all things Mistry!

After the initial interview, I had the chance to shadow Asad Raja, the label & artist manager at Funkatech Records for a few weeks, learning alot and developing working and social relationships with everyone which was great. PYRAMID are also giving away their latest track Confessions away as a free download on soundcloud, which features on the show. Grab while you can ;)

Click on the image for the radio Mistry Mix page

Brand New Elisa Do Brazil & Miss Trouble (also Funkatech), The Prodigy, Riz MC, Noisia and more! Stay Tuned for a massive hour featuring Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, D&B, Dubstep, chilled out Electro, Ambient music…

Grab the free download of PYRAMID’s tune Confessions while you can!

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The Mistry Mix on Roundhouse Radio

I host The Mistry Mix on roundhouse radio every friday from 6-7 pm, broadcasted from Camden at the Roundhouse.

I play an eclectic mix across all genres, percussive and heavy in vibes.

The show will play out on the live stream on the website and you can also go onto the show page to listen back!

Click On Image To Go On To Show The Page

From Jazz, Soul right down to Electronica, Drum & Bass and House, it’s all there. I talk about festivals, new releases, do reviews of releases, tour dates, all things Mistry so there’s a mix for everyone.

Tune in for a massive show of energy and a great hour! Music played includes Engine-EarZ, Roots Manuva, Virtual Jazz Band, Cinematic Orchestra, Noisia and more

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