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‘Alright’ Music Video smashes it :: Kendrick Lamar

The production across To Pimp A Butterfly is very high, courtesy of kendrick’s production team, @MixedByAli.

The video brings a fresh perspective reviving the artistic feel of hip-hop’s yesteryears; thematically highlighting the power/ racial struggles of ethnic minorities with severe poverty.

Directed by renounced director Colin Tilley, the importance of a positive outlook is showcased in the carefree acceptance of reality within the track; the desire to shape it showcased before the music comes in. Check it out ;)

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T Williams Signs latest release on ‘No Tomorrow Records’


Garage trio Preest have been signed to T Williams’ No Tomorrow Records, the label promising to bring a blend between Organic, Electronic and Urban sounds.

Heard this track last night and it gives an idea to Preest‘s musical flavour.

The trio have a forthcoming EP on the label, having come together during university.

T Williams has his own EP coming out alongside some of the artist roster including Jon E Cash. Watch out!

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The Mistry Mix w/ Junia T :: 2014

Junia T

It’s been a while since my last post..!

Since then I’ve spoken to Toronto based Hip-Hop Artist, producer and more Junia T joined me in the studio for a chat about his latest project I See You (released 4th Nov), manifesting various perspectives of hip-hop as culture through his music.

The musicality and lyricism throughout I See You permeate jazzy flows and rhymes grounded on real life influences.

You can buy the hard copies off Bandcamp and stream/ free download via Audiomack;

Part 1 :: We chat about the project and Junia’s musical influences

The whole project is mixed and mastered by Junia T, with his own unique sound; the goal to artistically reach out and inspire.

My favourite tracks include Too Smoove, Everyday, The Day and No Summer Love; the whole track list throughout smashes it for a evening soundtrack..!

Part 2 :: The Making of “Too Smoove” and Junia’s favourite MCs

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Digital – Robber/ Bitter Wind :: Rupture LDN 004

Digital takes the stage on Rupture LDN‘s 4th release Robber/ Bitter Wind. Both tracks permeate heavy percussive rhythms, breaks and deep basslines over a twisted, warped and cinematic soundscape.. ;)

Rupture London is a underground label releasing fresh Jungle and Drum & Bass founded by Mantra and Double-O.

With a reminder of early Photek mashed up alongside Skull Disco percussion from my perspective meeting Manix and the Metalheadz sound enroute; the tracks sound timeless..

With releases on Metalheadz, Timeless recs, 31 recs, Reinforced and more, this pressing is a serious edition to a heavy discography..!

Available from Redeye Recs, Eastern Recs and BM Soho!

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Driving Lolita – Swing Me

Driving Lolita, a band founded by erstwile Radio1 DJ/ producer D-Code set to release their first single “Swing Me Round Your Head” next month.

Other members of the group include Abrar Hafiz, co-founder of ‘Sona Fariq’ in the late 90’s, relentlessly touring whilst signed to Warner Music and Graziella, from 2009’s X-Factor group Miss Frank, raised on soul and blues with a unique vocal style.

With the accompanying remixes from Bambooclart, Earbleed, Barbarix and others inc myself getting released on the  lead up to their launch night on the 14th March at Proud Camden, there’s a lot to watch out for ;)

The bands sound consists of hard hitting basslines, percussion and sassy lyricism over guitar riffs oozing sex appeal.. the remixes warp and mangle the blueprint further over warped breaks, percussion and deep sub..

The vocals melt between Blues, Jazz and spoken word with sass over thick guitar riffs with a rebellious edge..

Here’s the Barbarix Remix;

The remix above can be heard, releasing on the 17th March 2014

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AlunaGeorge – Body Music Released

AlunaGeorge’s latest album Body Music is out now from the 29th July (today if you’re reading it just published) bringing different vibes and influences through to the R&B genre.

The first time I heard “You Know You Like It” and “Your Drums Your Love,” the refreshing use of production, chord progression, vocal hooks and songwriting. A Guardian interview mentions Flying Lotus’ use of experimentation as the source of inspiration on You Know You Like It and it’s evident in the vocal production and sound.

Being a duo, you can hear Aluna’s vocals and songwriting meeting the production, instrumentation and more implemented by producer George.

The album can be streamed directly from their website with full length tracks featuring a whole bunch of quirks and a free download single.

With tracks that rival commercial pop and R&B, yet more refreshing, its exciting listening to something that really grooves deep! Seriously check out the album, I know I will ;)

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(Foreign Beggars & Noisia) I Am Legion- Make Those Move

Noisia and The foreign Beggars embark on a new project I Am Legion, releasing their long awaited debut Make Those Move. Saturated with Noisia’s sound design and imminent grit meeting witty lyricism from The Foreign Beggars, the foundations of the tune shout about from the moment you press play.

I Am Legion could represent the collective pursuit towards embedding multiple identities into their musical works, the omnipresent passion that every creative soul feels in any collaborative process. We’ll hear more ;)

A soundscape of gritty sound design meets lyrical punch; the overall atmosphere leaking up sci-fi influences reminiscent of ‘a man in the machine.’ Pow!

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Maya Jane Coles ft Karin Park- Everything

Electronic producer Maya Jane Coles released her latest track this week featuring Swedish singer Karin Park; ambient vocals over a deep bassline meeting catchy riffs in the arrangement.

This track follows Maya’s remix of Karin Park’s Thousand Loaded Gunsas Nocturnal Sunshine, her dub project alias; an alternative track with deep bass, ambient vocals with a garagey edge.

Karin Park- Thousand Loaded Guns (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)

Karin’s smooth vocals graces both tracks, the accent makes her voice sound phased like a chorus effect over the layered instrumentation.

The minimalist style carries through with subtle changes in sound design, developing interest over the arrangement. Good music!

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The Mistry Mix with RENU

Asian percussionist RENU features this week on The Mistry Mix, talks to me about her latest album Midnight Radio, the audio-visual launch night at London’s Richmix with her band The Revellers, her spanish influences and more.

The album has a strong spanish and latin influence throughout, each track adding to a much bigger concept. The lyrics are witty, sarcastic and dark highlighting the facade of human nature in Pretty People to a more positive reminiscence with Mustang. Through The Fire encompasses a dark & melancholy ambience, a tremolo guitar in a empty space enhanced subtly with strings. Layered over distant cymbals/ percussion and eerie vocals of a suffering and determined seeker.

Mi Morena Amor has a 6/8 rhythm oozing hispanic influences (Latin, Spanish, Portuguese) featuring the voice of God, a narrative omnipresent perspective within the track, uptempo vocals with a jaunty feel over a scattered rhythm encompassing several percussive instruments. The use of strings throughout the album, which Renu states she loves recording forms a prominent part of the sound, giving an attitude to the various musical passages, the overall sonic concept.

The Mistry Mix with RENU :: Click on image for radio show

This weeks tracklist includes hip-hop MC KRS-One, J.Viewz on the remix of Depeche Mode, Suburban Base’s Marvellous Cain ft Cutty Ranks, MJ Cole- Sincere Wookie remix, Specimen A & James D’Ley, Renu + more!

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Jai Nitai Lotus- Something You Feel- OUT NOW

Jai Nitai Lotus (pronounced Thai Nee-tie), a montreal based MC/ Producer has just released his latest record titled Something You Feel on the 6th November featuring Mingus Clap, a hypnotic rhythmic track which pays homage to the late Charles Mingus, a Jazz musician. The track features a prominent vocal chant with an infectious clap groove!

In his own words, the record is an ode to honest, experimental Hip Hop” capturing the truth one finds within any creative journey, the fear of vulnerability of exposing your weakness’ through your art and channeling into the unknown.

The story of a creative journey through different experiences, emotions and the changes of situations, ultimately love, loss & pain over time can be heard, real honesty and art. Something You Feel is Out Now! Epic.

In his own words:

“My People. My album Something You Feel is dropping today! I just wanted to say that some of you that know me know that I am all about honest creativity. When I make art I try my best to not stress what everybody else is doing and focus on my own personal voice. I was raised in a way to be analytical about life. I was taught to understand where this source of creativity comes from and to not abuse it—I try my best, but sometimes fail. It’s always a very vulnerable feeling when putting your art out there, exposing yourself. When it comes from the heart, it’s that much more so. Just know that it comes from a good place. I hope you all will enjoy it and spread the word. It only moves as far as we can take it. To everybody who was involved in this project creatively and through moral support… Thank YOU! At peace with vulnerability” ~ Jai Nitai Lotus

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