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So Fabric has officially closed and a lot of the venues I’ve gone to over the years have as well. Hmm… Some people have argued that this is a positive outlook, clubs reinforced stagnant forms of underground/ popular music, lazy progression and maintained mediocrity.

Maybe the shift away from popular venues will allow genuine musicianship and art to grow in this new found space, reignite the need for outdoor events, genuine rave culture with a surge of unlicensed events.

Operation Lenor, as it’s emerged the investigation carried out by the Met police was preplanned despite large amounts of revenue Fabric generated for Islington council. The undercover officers found little to no evidence of drug use, reminding me when Fabric won their appeal against the use of sniffer dogs in 2015.


London superclub Fabric to close this weekend following ‘drug overdose’ deaths of two teenagers

Makes me wonder the motive, if it isn’t revenue. After all, the world needs art and culture, not the other way around.

I remember being at Hidden, in Vauxhall, announcing their closure with the nearby gentrification and the closure of most LBGT venues in the area. Follows increased rent, network rail seeking more revenue, movements from the likes of Embassies and established power wanting areas more comfortable in their image.

The youth are the future and there will never be a shortage of cultural expression, theres always a way for every will to manifest. Whether the impetus is ideal or not, the outcome will be an equal and opposite force, if not, more.

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Isolated Mix 51 :: Kiyoko

Found a really nice mix from Kiyoko last Sunday, sparring across the ambience soundscape.

As I’m doing sound design and applying cinematic soundscapes on various projects I’m involved with, it was a great find.

Kiyoko are a production duo with an album and 2 EP’s released, linked individually to experimental, rhythmic and ambient labels.

Individually, the duo’s productions have spread far and wide as Synkro (Joe) and Bering Strait (Jack) on labels such as Apollo, Auxiliary, and D-Bridge’s label, Exit Records. Together they each bring something rather special to the party which has entertained the ears of many of us from the very beginning (with their debut album, Sea of Trees) and has left us itching for whatever’s next around the corner.

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The Mistry Mix w/ Junia T :: 2014

Junia T

It’s been a while since my last post..!

Since then I’ve spoken to Toronto based Hip-Hop Artist, producer and more Junia T joined me in the studio for a chat about his latest project I See You (released 4th Nov), manifesting various perspectives of hip-hop as culture through his music.

The musicality and lyricism throughout I See You permeate jazzy flows and rhymes grounded on real life influences.

You can buy the hard copies off Bandcamp and stream/ free download via Audiomack;

Part 1 :: We chat about the project and Junia’s musical influences

The whole project is mixed and mastered by Junia T, with his own unique sound; the goal to artistically reach out and inspire.

My favourite tracks include Too Smoove, Everyday, The Day and No Summer Love; the whole track list throughout smashes it for a evening soundtrack..!

Part 2 :: The Making of “Too Smoove” and Junia’s favourite MCs

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The Mistry Mix – Arrows Down Acoustic Session

Arrows Down did an exclusive acoustic session for The Mistry Mix at The Roundhouseshowcasing tracks from his forthcoming album Tethered  & celebrating the release of his single You Don’t Know.

You Don’t Know is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from oozing classic songwriting and poetry ;)

Arrows Down

Arrows Down at The Old Queen’s Head

Track 1 – Arrows Down – You Don’t Know

Track 2 – Arrows Down – Smooth Tongue Of The Adultress

Track 3 – Arrows Down – Wood

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The Mistry Mix :: Tha Nightcrawlaz Exclusive :: FREE D/L

DJ/ production duo Tha Nightcrawlaz (Liam Hicks, Clint Franklin) bring their influence to a full hour exclusive this week, starting with 110bpm and surely getting faster!

“Will be a little deeper dub/dnb with a splash of 110 (not so much a party set but still some fine tunes!!!” Tha Nightcrawlaz

The guestmix is a FREE DOWNLOAD from the soundcloud link below:

1. Six Days – DJ Shadow
2. Moscow funk – Playma
3. Meanwhile in the Future – KOAN Sound
4. Ring My Bell – Kill Paris rmx
5. Lost race – Mc Mash Clan
6. Beyond the Shadows – Koan, Culprit, gemini, Asa
7. Gimme Shelter – Zeds dead
8. Two – Culprit
9. Hit me – Zeds Dead
10. Hall of Mirrors – Culprit
11. Everything in its Place – Pretty Lights
12. Dont hold back – Russ liquid remix
13. Could be real – Noisia
14. Abyss – The Prototypes
15. Under yah skirt – Zeds Dead

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Driving Lolita – Run – Official Remix

I did a remix for my good friends at Driving Lolita, the new project of erstwhile Radio 1 DJ D-Code, taking their latest single “Run” and adding my vicious perspective infused with lustful sound design Lol.

It’s exciting to hear my first track professionally mastered, sounding loud, hard hitting with no loss of dynamics; a moment to remember. Courtesy of Lewis at Stardelta Mastering ;)

It’s been released this week on Delinquents Music as a FREE DOWNLOAD from the website.

Driving Lolita - Logo

A Free Download will be given away every Tuesday to the lead up to their headline gig at The Old Queens Head in Islington on Thursday 25th April.

“Jmist Remix is straight fire” – Conrank, Shanghai

“Love the original, great vibes on the Jmist Remix” – Funkanomics, EU

“Not often you hear minimal breaks” – Haydn Marshall, Kane FM

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The MIstry Mix with Nada Brahma: Nuphlo Exclusive

Apologies, it’s been a while indeed! A month to be fair. Leeds based music producer Nuphlo did an exclusive mix for Nada Brahma, a UK online based music magazine showcasing alternative Asian inspired music. Nuphlo’s got a eastern influence to his sound bringing a refreshing twist to his production.

It was broadcasted on my show late February and is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from their website.

Alongside the mix, music includes Goldie, Swedish Karin Park, Arrows Down, Digable Planets for an alternative track list including Hip-Hop, Garage, D&B…

Link to radio episode!

Track List:

Nuphlo Nada Brahma Mix 008- Food For Thought (21 mins)

Lone ft Anneka- Spirals
Kahn- Tehran
Nuphlo- Jerusalem
Morphamish- Lookatcha
Swindle- Mischief
EL- B Spooky
Zed Bias- Phoneline (Maddslinky Remix)
Mickey Pierce- Numb Nut
0h91- Untitled
Nuphlo- Edgy Streets

Second Half

Karin Park- Thousand Loaded Guns (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)
Fat Freddy’s Drop- Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix)
Digable Planets- Rebirth Of Slick (7” Mix)
Large Professor- Maica Livin’ (Philey Jay Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
Dub Phizix & Skittles- I’m A Creator
Goldie ft Natalie Duncan- Freedom
Fracture- The Breaks
Arrows Down- Stirring

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