The Mistry Mix w/ Junia T :: 2014

Junia T

It’s been a while since my last post..!

Since then I’ve spoken to Toronto based Hip-Hop Artist, producer and more Junia T joined me in the studio for a chat about his latest project I See You (released 4th Nov), manifesting various perspectives of hip-hop as culture through his music.

The musicality and lyricism throughout I See You permeate jazzy flows and rhymes grounded on real life influences.

You can buy the hard copies off Bandcamp and stream/ free download via Audiomack;

Part 1 :: We chat about the project and Junia’s musical influences

The whole project is mixed and mastered by Junia T, with his own unique sound; the goal to artistically reach out and inspire.

My favourite tracks include Too Smoove, Everyday, The Day and No Summer Love; the whole track list throughout smashes it for a evening soundtrack..!

Part 2 :: The Making of “Too Smoove” and Junia’s favourite MCs


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Visionbombing @The Silver Bullet

Visionbombing put on a massive night at the Silver Bullet near Finsbury Park on Thursday 31st October.

“VisionBombing is a one-hour Web series music video program of rap videos mixed lively in a mixtape style by DJ Psykhomantus, Itch FM’s Mr. Dex with special appearance from rap stars, live in studio performances and exclusive interviews hosted by Madflow.”

It is that indeed, manic hip-hop rhythms mixed and mashed up in pure turntablist style with corresponding visuals jagged together artistically by DJ Psykhomantus, the founder and Mr Dex!


Mad Flow‘s hosting was a performance within itself, the quirks and interaction with the crowd kept the pace going, the beat-boxing and playful nature allowed audience members to relate to the acts on stage.

mad flow

Mad Flow

Visionbombing took the concept of an audio-visual mixtape further with the live performances from Junia T, NuDekades and k9, adding further audience engagement to an already energetic musical night. The manifestation of Hip-Hop as a culture permeated in every aspect of a vibe, Itch being the legendary station representing Hip-Hop’s culture, state of mind and community.

Junia T came on the mic setting the scene immediately with personal themes and stories featuring on his latest release Eye See You, tracks like How Can I, Too Smoove and more from the project.

Juna T

Junia. T

 K.E.V from NuDekades graced the mic shortly afterwards with a massive set paying homage to Hip-Hop as a culture. No Hook among other tracks were performed from their album Nexus. Both K.E.V. & Junia T came into the crowd, directly rhyming on a personal level with audience members, making them part of the set.


K.E.V. from NuDekades

K9 came on and tore the place down as the final act, performing tracks from The Re-Education of King 9, jumping around energetically manifesting a musical rukus. The introduction of a reggae inspired track brought about a soundsystem vibe with crew jammin’ out.



Psykhomantus and Mr Dex started the Visionbombing audio-visual set, cutting up and mixing a artistic tracklist, the video screen showing video edits in tandem.

The Screen

After speaking to Junia T outside the venue, DJ Chux, K9 and some other peeps, I left to catch the last train, before the night bus journey would ensue.

The night smashed it and the next one’s on the 11th December at The Silver Bullet.. Come Down.. Free Entry ;)

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Rupture @Corsica Studios :: October 2014

Double 0 and Mantra smashed it with another manic Rupture party, manic lineup and indeed timed with the massive release from Theory!

I could only stay until 4am so missed the rest; the night was hectic enough whilst I Paradox Double 0 played the opening set when I got down to the venue early in room 1, the bass cave permeating raw breaks and rhythm already ;) The pace of liquid harmonies and refreshing chord progressions mangled with fluid drum rhythms was something that immediately set the scene. The standard rupture banner graced itself behind the decks.

Major Ranks hosted room 2, Room 1 hosted by Blackeye and Mirage. I was bouncing between both rooms to get a equal amount of both sets. DJ Snear was playing oldskool vibes with rave and early jungle.the untouchablesThe Untouchables, a duo from Belgium smashed their set shortly afterwards with insane halftime bassline ripples prevailing through the tracklist. It was great to hear their set, coming straight from Belgium with twist. The FDB Project pursued mangled amen breaks and mashed up arrangements over severe basslines. From The Untouchables, the room was packed and rumbling hard, everyone was having a great time.

paradoxThe highlight of the night was Paradox’s live set in room 1, playing early esoteric and early releases alongside forthcoming exclusives (Metalheadz and more). He played Love Her, No Consensus, the main vocal hook of Crate Logic “Drums Go Like This” repeating at various change overs between breaks and bassline rhythms.

crowd1Never have I seen so many people rave hard and pack the dance very tightly in a short amount of time! ;)

deepzMy mate Deepak, caught up with him on the night. Released a track on Paradox’s label as well, his alias is Deepz… wicked D&B/ Jungle producer ;)

antidoteAntidote’s set in Room 2 was the last set I heard and left before Stretch started his. The rhythm of that set was totally different to the rest of the night and the feel of the tracklist was somewhat raw yet velvety, raw breaks and basslines with a smooth feel to the arrangements.. hard to describe!

I was at the back of the room moving to the rhythm and the flow of the vibe set. Check out the label and come down to the next one!

Rupture :: Beats For Your Structure..

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Interlight Sessions @The Castle – Sep 2014

On the 27th Sep, I went down to the monthly Interlight session at the Castle, a small pub off Commercial Road in Aldgate.

It was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. As usual, the place smashed it; the opening DJ’s played a nice mix of Hip-hop and soul before moving straight to jungle.

DJ Stretch, Theory, Bevin and extended family came down to support and the night became progressively heavier in jungle breaks and edits from the relaxed start.

One of the tracks played was Comin’ On Strong, a Reinforced Recs classic!

Shoutout to my brotherman Threshold for smashing his birthday set alongside Uncle Dugs from Rinse. The sets quickly became manic with all sorts of rhythmic breaks played at the dance ;)


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Digital – Robber/ Bitter Wind :: Rupture LDN 004

Digital takes the stage on Rupture LDN‘s 4th release Robber/ Bitter Wind. Both tracks permeate heavy percussive rhythms, breaks and deep basslines over a twisted, warped and cinematic soundscape.. ;)

Rupture London is a underground label releasing fresh Jungle and Drum & Bass founded by Mantra and Double-O.

With a reminder of early Photek mashed up alongside Skull Disco percussion from my perspective meeting Manix and the Metalheadz sound enroute; the tracks sound timeless..

With releases on Metalheadz, Timeless recs, 31 recs, Reinforced and more, this pressing is a serious edition to a heavy discography..!

Available from Redeye Recs, Eastern Recs and BM Soho!

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Roundhouse Rising Festival :: 20th – 23rd February 2014

It’s been a great festival weekend starting from Thursday at The Roundhouse in Camden. The Rising Festival which happens every year promotes upcoming music producers/ bands, DJ’s and singer/ songwriters alongside alternate talent such as programming and coding synths/ software for audio visual experiences.

Rising 360 was 2 teams of people providing radio coverage of the weekend activities during the festival itself. Our team worked on the Saturday show and the Recap show on the Monday afterwards.

Thursday evening started with DJ Oddi playing a Hip-Hop set right through to Lil Simz, a female UK rapper playing the last set from 10:30. We spoke to Lil Simz before her set for a Thursday interview. Spent the day planning Sat’s show with the content and editing our recordings..

On Friday, we engaged the audiences reaction to the festival at stage 2 when beat boxer Grace Savage was performing and around the venue once everyone were settled in.

Stage One was the Studio Theatre, full of people close to the front trying to get a good view of the acts. The stage was mounted at a decent height so any position in the room would’ve resulted in a good view.

tumblr_inline_mxa1ahXlDS1rm29kxSaturday was hectic when we came down.. we interviewed Fauxlo, a roundhouse associate artist; caught up with the Appjam workshops alongside the festival crowd that came down for a good time. Vulcan MC, part of the Roundhouse Choir had a great chat with our team as well.


Ableton Session :: (C) Katiness Photography

One of the masterclasses was run by music producer/ programmer Tim Exile, who uses computer programming to engage the crowd during his performances, recording the audience alongside live instrumentation, sound design for an interactive experience. With releases on Planet Mu, Warp Recs, it was great to get him down during the show for a live interview before his performance.

tim exile1

Tim Exile :: (C) Katiness Photography

Saachi Senn, another RH associate artist did an exclusive acoustic session in the radio studio with two tracks she performed around noon on stage 2, whilst I caught up with Tony Nwachukwu from multi-music platform CDR (Create, Define, Release) and a few young creatives attending the CDR workshops.

The CDR event in the evening featured young upcoming producers, DJ’s and songwriters performing material alongside Shlomo, a beat boxing artist; which 2 other team members attended.

I spent the day editing the CDR interviews alongside the content we were already capturing during the festival itself and live coverage.


CDR Event :: (C) Katiness Photography

By 7:30 we got most of the packages ready, just the intro link needed to be edited before live broadcast. Hectic printouts of the script ensued, then we did the show;

After the show, I ended up staying in the studio late, managing to catch Wildebeats playing at the club night which now took over the Studio Theatre. There was minimal bass with only the tops working with corresponding woofers!

Apparently Tim Exile blew the fuse for the bass bins I found out afterwards; as a result, the place wasn’t as full and people were dancing on the spot just lightly jigging about.

Arrived home late and Sunday was made up of planning the whole recap show for Monday alongside capturing content..

I managed to catch the last 2 bands GAPS and Fear Of Men on Sunday…officially the last day of Rising Festival.. great finish to a weekend!

Fear Of Men in the Studio Theatre

Fear Of Men :: (C) Katiness Photography

After the weekend, we finalised the packages for the show and additional content was edited. The team thought of producing a Tim exile style mashup from the samples and recordings they captured over the weekend.. did it in 4 mins, manic but here it is;

I finished the track 5 mins before we were about to broadcast.. did a quick mixdown and bounced to wav instantly..!

The show went great, highlighting the festival weekend overall with exclusive content from each day alongside extended interviews/ packages from the Friday & Sunday shows.

The Friday/ Sunday shows can be heard;

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Driving Lolita – Swing Me

Driving Lolita, a band founded by erstwile Radio1 DJ/ producer D-Code set to release their first single “Swing Me Round Your Head” next month.

Other members of the group include Abrar Hafiz, co-founder of ‘Sona Fariq’ in the late 90’s, relentlessly touring whilst signed to Warner Music and Graziella, from 2009’s X-Factor group Miss Frank, raised on soul and blues with a unique vocal style.

With the accompanying remixes from Bambooclart, Earbleed, Barbarix and others inc myself getting released on the  lead up to their launch night on the 14th March at Proud Camden, there’s a lot to watch out for ;)

The bands sound consists of hard hitting basslines, percussion and sassy lyricism over guitar riffs oozing sex appeal.. the remixes warp and mangle the blueprint further over warped breaks, percussion and deep sub..

The vocals melt between Blues, Jazz and spoken word with sass over thick guitar riffs with a rebellious edge..

Here’s the Barbarix Remix;

The remix above can be heard, releasing on the 17th March 2014

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