So Fabric has officially closed and a lot of the venues I’ve gone to over the years have as well. Hmm… Some people have argued that this is a positive outlook, clubs reinforced stagnant forms of underground/ popular music, lazy progression and maintained mediocrity.

Maybe the shift away from popular venues will allow genuine musicianship and art to grow in this new found space, reignite the need for outdoor events, genuine rave culture with a surge of unlicensed events.

Operation Lenor, as it’s emerged the investigation carried out by the Met police was preplanned despite large amounts of revenue Fabric generated for Islington council. The undercover officers found little to no evidence of drug use, reminding me when Fabric won their appeal against the use of sniffer dogs in 2015.


London superclub Fabric to close this weekend following ‘drug overdose’ deaths of two teenagers

Makes me wonder the motive, if it isn’t revenue. After all, the world needs art and culture, not the other way around.

I remember being at Hidden, in Vauxhall, announcing their closure with the nearby gentrification and the closure of most LBGT venues in the area. Follows increased rent, network rail seeking more revenue, movements from the likes of Embassies and established power wanting areas more comfortable in their image.

The youth are the future and there will never be a shortage of cultural expression, theres always a way for every will to manifest. Whether the impetus is ideal or not, the outcome will be an equal and opposite force, if not, more.

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