AlunaGeorge – Body Music Released

AlunaGeorge’s latest album Body Music is out now from the 29th July (today if you’re reading it just published) bringing different vibes and influences through to the R&B genre.

The first time I heard “You Know You Like It” and “Your Drums Your Love,” the refreshing use of production, chord progression, vocal hooks and songwriting. A Guardian interview mentions Flying Lotus’ use of experimentation as the source of inspiration on You Know You Like It and it’s evident in the vocal production and sound.

Being a duo, you can hear Aluna’s vocals and songwriting meeting the production, instrumentation and more implemented by producer George.

The album can be streamed directly from their website with full length tracks featuring a whole bunch of quirks and a free download single.

With tracks that rival commercial pop and R&B, yet more refreshing, its exciting listening to something that really grooves deep! Seriously check out the album, I know I will ;)

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