BEast Festival @XOYO- 10th March 2012 (Part 2)

Driving Lolita, a 3 piece band came on afterward, Abraz on the guitars, D-Code on the synths and electro based production and Graziella on the vocals performing Run with a mixture of Grunge/ Electro/ Hip-hop/ Dubstep/ Metal/ Drum & Bass/ Techno/Garage/ Acid House and loads of other underground influences you can think of. Growing up with a mixture of metal, soul, hip-hop, going round record shops playing old Lp’s or going through my Dad’s collction, seeing them perform live and hearing their tracks before and after the night, it was everything in one go:

Engine-EarZ Experiment next, consists of Prashant Mistry on the keys, Marcus aka MC Data on the vocals alongside Jade Browne bringing soul, Kabir Kainth on the percussion with James Billinge on the drums. Performing a hard edge set with the likes of Battlescars, Nemesis, Shadow People + more, a mixture of asian flavours, Soul, Jazz over militant bass and manic synthesis coupled with extreme percussive skill cutting through. As a percussionist myself, classically trained on the tabla, it was great seeing the rhythmic energy flow with soul over the whole set:

The Nasha Experience played their set, a distinctive mashup of “bass music with an eastern influence” coupled with breakbeat, dubstep and other styles of tracks throughout with manic dance moves attempted by tipsy crowd members with Adam F afterwards playing Nero, Skism, breakbeat, drum & bass and more. I was dissapointed with his set expecting more genuine and exciting tracks mixing the buildups across different tracks before and after the heavy drops. This led to a set that lost and regained energy throughout lacking consistency.

Towards the end of the night Prash found me and we had a chat outside afterwards; as a music producer myself, it was a well appreciated moment! He pretty much told me whatever track you work on, you have to pour your soul into it and make sure the production with all the elements are spot on. A lot of people get bogged down in networking and don’t spend enough time on their craft. You can know everyone in the industry but it won’t help if you don’t have the skills to match. He poured is heart into Kaliyuga and got noticed.

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